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SMSF Trust deeds

The Comdeeds SMSF trust deed is arguably one the clearest and simplest deeds, written to inform, educate and allow SMSF members and trustees to compliantly and simply operate their fund without the typical jargon. Our SMSF trust deed is   continually reviewed to consider ways in which they can be enhanced and it is updated to reflect changes to the SIS Act or super laws. The Comdeeds SMSF Trust deed is one of only two deeds in the country with an SMSF Crypto and bitcoin investment clause, ensuring compliance with the ATO’s suggested best practice standards.

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Our SMSF deed is post July 1 2017 compliant and it contains broad provisions to allow investors in SMSF’s the flexibility and choice to invest via there SMSF. Specialist tax lawyers draft and review our deeds to ensure compliance, transparency and ease of establishment. Our deeds are reviewed quarterly to monthly to ensure we do not miss any changes to legislation. With the clearest SMSF Crypto and Bitcoin deed in the market, we believe we offer a great product for SMSF crypto currency investors in Australia at a very reasonable price

Our History

With a background in tax and financial services with over 20 years of combined experience and great technology at our disposal, Comdeeds is passionate about empowering Australians to manage their super and SMSF’s more responsibly. Our SMSF Deed and our simple educational PDS makes operating your SMSF easy and simple.

By putting the interests of our clients first, we aim to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, who add unnecessary levels of complexity in order to up sell additional services. If you  have any questions on how to update my SMSF Deed Australia? Then contact us today for a deed sample or to discuss your requirements. We can customise an SMSF deed for your funds or personal requirements, with a legal letter of compliance.

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