SMSF Crypto Deed Australia

SMSF Crypto Investing

The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin has allowed numerous investors to look at investing in crypto currency as part of their SMSF investment portfolio’s. The Comdeeds SMSF Trust with specific crypto clauses recognises crypto currency as a separate asset class. It is a little know fact that that there are only two deeds, that we are aware of that are SMSF Crypto friendly and compliant. Frankly speaking there are number of key areas that trustees need to consider and address if they are looking to invest in crypto currency via and SMSF. The Comdeeds SMSF Crypto deed can take away a lot of your compliance concerns.

SMSF Crypto Deed in Australia

We love super and crypto investing and our deed reflects this passion and interest. We understand the concerns of crypto investors and SMSF investors wanting to invest part of their super in this fast growing sector. Contact us to discuss our SMSF compliance solutions today.

Why choose Comdeeds SMSF Crypto Deed ?

We have been successful in our efforts to automate a number of internal processes which has resulted in optimal benefit for our customers. Our SMSF Deed which is crypto friendly provides you with a Free investment strategy, Minute of incorporation, Binding nomination forms.  For existing SMSF’s wanting to update their deed, we provide a deed of variation to allow investing in crypto via an SMSF

Can your SMSF invest in Crypto

It is being carried out in order to include the crypto assets. We would advice you not to worry. Our approach is sure to make you feel the ease and get the job get done in a quick span of time.

Support and Expertise

We offer complete customer support  relating to SMSF Crypto Deeds in Australia, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. The registration processes is quite fast and our deed is  prepared by a qualified lawyer and SMSF specialists\ with over twenty years collective experience in the sector.

Our deed has been reviewed by a leading tax and smsf lawyer

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