Simple Company Setup Australia

Simple company setup steps

To setup a company you will need the following details ready before you complete our online company registration form.

  1.  Name of company – use our name availability search tool
  2.  Directors details ( Full name, DOB, Address, country of birth)
  3.  Allocate shares –  1 x ordinary share per director for a $1 cost

These are the key requirements. We provide you and your company with a

  • Constitution – additional cost of $10
  • Share certificates, minutes, company register and other documents
  • Online storage folder, which you can access at any time

This will ensure you are compliant when setting up your company. For businesses, you will need a tax agent to assist you with Gst and tax returns. Contact us if you need assistance. We provide other financial services for our clients.

Simple Process, Low Cost Company Setups

Comdeeds charges $22 + $488 paid to ASIC for the company registration certificate for a company using replacement rules. You get all the other documents needed and a detailed constitution is another $10. Complete an application online, in the comfort of your home and receive your documents promptly. We can assist you with changes other than to the company name selected.

Data Integrity

When it comes to safety, we can assure you that all your data and documents on comdeeds for a simple company setup in Australia will remain safe. We use secure SSL protocols and cloud servers to safeguard your information at all times.

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