Online Company Setup Australia

Setting up a company online

Comdeeds is a online company registration provider or platform. We provide an electronic registration of company and all legal documents to compliantly operate your company, such as constitution, share certificates, minutes and company register. All done in minutes not days as with conventional providers.

Let us help you with your Online Company Setup in Australia

As an organization we would help our clients to set up companies or help them to get the registration done in a quick span of time. Frankly speaking, we are duty bound towards making your business seamless and transparent. We mainly target Entrepreneurs, professionals and IT contractors. We are ready to put our best foot forward to make your company details get an online presence.

Our Expertise

With a background in financial services, superannuation and tax law and twenty years collective experience,  Comdeeds is able to offer a great solution for IT professionals, entrepreneurs and small business starts ups to complete an online company setup in Australia.  We are affordable at just $22 basic cost price with $488 paid to ASIC ( company regulator) for the registration certificate. Use our simple online company setup form and shoot us an email or call us to discuss any needs you may have.

Comdeeds online application process

Our online application was designed with simplicity in mind. Its easy to use and navigate and we built this form to allow anyone to complete a company setup with ease.

  1.  Register as a use
  2.  search company and make sure its available
  3. Add director details ( name, DOB, Address)
  4. Allocate shares – 1 ordinary share for $1 is sufficient for simple trading companies
  5. Review details and make payment
  6. Your company will be registered with ASIC within 3-25 minutes

you will receive an email with details and you will need to login to extract all of your company documents.

To register your company ABN/TFN use the following link to get started –,-Super-funds—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/

Contact us for more support 1300 253 429

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